University’s Central Library is acknowledged as ‘Knowledge Hub’ offering a variety of academic resources to the students, faculty and staff. This is a highly visited place in the University by users to pursue knowledge. Central Library keeps adding new resources to its collection to cater to the information needs of its clients.

The Central Library welcomes gifts/donations of books and other literary heritage materials that extend and supplement existing collection. Your generous gifts and donations will certainly facilitate the existing and upcoming student community and will also improve the quality and quantity of resources in the Central Library.

Preferred Literary Items for Gifts and Donations

  • Scholarly monograph
  • Manuscripts
  • Text Books
  • Fictions
  • Biographies
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Atlases
  • Journals (Single or bound volumes)
  • Old Book Collections
  • Audio-visual material
  • Ph.D. Thesis (Personal) in hard or Soft Copies

people-coffee-notes-teaConditions of Acceptance of Gifts/Donations

  • Items in poor condition will generally be not accepted for the collection.
  • The Central Library reserves the right to decline an offer of material that is already available in the collection or that does not meet collection needs.
  • Library Donation Form is available in Central Library and the prospective donors need to fill and submit the same at the time of donating the items.
  • If the donation size is big and difficult to carry, University can arrange for pick-up and transportation of items to the Central Library.
  • Gifts and donations are accepted with a common understanding that all materials will become the permanent property of the Central Library of Lovely Professional University.

Note: Top 10 Donors name will be displayed in Central Library notice board.