As the coronavirus pandemic continues to exist come pandemic plans and a new semester! We’ve all got resolutions: some planning for a cozy vacation, some trying to induce a fresh start to a new semester, some sitting with their fingers crossed waiting for the offline classes to resume, the list never ends!

The inception of a new semester is the genesis of a fresh start effect; many learning from the fiascos and triumphs of the previous semester, feeling an explosion of motivation to improve. But whatever your goals might be, there’s no surefire plan to turn fantasies into reality! On the contrary, you may take on steps to make things possible.

(1). Set your goals clear!

Plausibly the most conspicuous and utterly non-negotiable crux. Pinpointing your goals, whether it’s academic, professional, social, or personal, it’s paramount to stay on top of your motivation game throughout the coming semester. It’s no sweat to say you will be 9.0+ in the coming semester, but envisaging how you’re going achieve that cuts the ice!

(2). Track your progress!

Over the course of the new semester, our dynamism to transcend our benchmarks often plummets. One strategy is to tussle, then come up with a way to monitor your advances by simply taking the opportunity to ponder on where you are regularly and analyzing the measures to be taken or to push you closer to achieving your goals.

(3). Share your progress!

Sharing your progress with your buddies and getting acknowledged can make your goal seem more attainable and induce a sense of answerability.

(4). Expect hitches!

Admittedly, peccadillos don’t vanish smoothly, and in the process, we end up picking new ones. Working on your aspirations is a dynamic process to be incorporated smoothly into your life. Mistakes are a part of the learning experience. Setbacks should serve as a teaching moment to persevere and to perform slightly better than previously.

(5). Maintain a balance & treat yourself!

Even if you are a demigod, it’s not easy to work all the time! Most people, especially students, work tooth & nail throughout the week and end up crashing on the weekends. Instead of working relentlessly and suppressing your urges, if you’d like to incorporate good habits into your lifestyle, find an equilibrium between work and pleasure that meets your needs. Also, upon getting struck in stressful situations, most of us overlook self-care! But simply taking an hour off can drastically improve your performance and productivity! Hang out with your buddies, and treat yourself to a pastry or a snack!