Hey Vertos, I hope you all are safe and enjoying the flexible e-learning provided by our university. LPU has built the top-class online platform “My Class” with an enormous facility to interact with teacher and students, makes us feel like we are in our class. But still, many freshers are finding it hard to utilize the platform and e-learning to the fullest. So, here is a list of methods that will help you to gain more from online education and boost your performance in the upcoming midterm.

  • Instant notes making

online classesThe flexibility of e-learning comes with a demerit that is no compulsion on taking notes. Most of the class even make notes, as they think they have the online session recorded. But this laziness is the key to bad performance. Try writing neat and clean as you did in the classrooms. Make notes on Google Docs or Office 365 so that you can share the link with your friends and can have a productive discussion and contribution to the topic.

  • Search and Share

 online classesOur online learning portal gives us the benefit of screen sharing. Whenever a topic is going, try to search it online and reach its depth. If you find any interesting or important thing, ask the teacher for sharing the information from your screen. Sharing will not just help other students to gain more, but it will boost your confidence. It will increase both your desire for learning more also the habit of PDFs.

  • Self-Test

online classesTesting your ability is the only key that will keep your daily motto of online learning alive. Try to maintain a habit of taking online topic wise tests daily just after the completion of all the lectures. There is no need to pay for this as there are many websites that provide the free quiz. Track your progress and ask doubts in the upcoming class. This thing will motivate other students to practice and attempt quizzes.

  • MOOC

online classesLPU always promotes MOOC and certification for the complete development of students. E-learning provides more time for relaxation compared to general classes so you can utilize your day in developing and making yourself industry-ready. Do not just focus on your department try to join and complete MOOCs related to personal development, analytical skills, communication skills and strategic thinking. Everyone has got the same 24 hours; it depends on your mindset and will to use it or misuse it.

  • Analysis

My Class portal provides us with a unique feature to analyze our class activity after class. Try to figure out your lacks and the reason behind it because self-improvement is the key to overall improvement. Involve in all activities asked by teachers, reply in chats and increase your participation.

Online classes require more attention to electronic devices than usual which may cause headaches or irritation. But this is our new normal. We need to adjust according to it. So, try to do eye, back exercise every hour and drink enough water to stay hydrated and study consistently.