With June, it’s the commencement of summer vacations, and the best possible way to wield this time during the Covid-19 lockdown is through MOOCs that is ‘Massive Open Online Course’. It is a relaxed and reasonable way to upgrade your skills and uplift your academic performance. Especially if you are a design student. It is the best time to learn a new CAD software or understand a laborious design theory at home!

With frequent lockdowns, the usual summertime entertainments have been at a standstill, as outdoors, for the time being, are a bit risky. However, online learning classes have made indoors fun and have also been benefiting many young minds. All you need is access to the internet. So here is a list of Udemy courses apt for designers:

  • Blender Creator: 3D Modelling for BeginnersBy Rick Davidson and Grant Abbitt
MOOCs for Design Students

Blender 2.8 is a great start to expand your modeling skill sets if you are a newcomer in the field of game developing or even designing. Across the course, you will understand the principles of three-dimensional modeling, the software interface, assorted tools, and the basics of animation. If you have an interest in 3D printing, Blender enables you to create AAA-quality models which can be later exported to a 3D printer. If you are a game designer, you can develop assets for video games. Or simply express yourself through abstract 3D artworks and character design.

  • Graphic Design MasterclassBy Lindsay Marsh
MOOCs for Design Students

Lifetime access to practical tips and tricks of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign! The course provides a thorough understanding of logo design and branding, typography, color theory, photo layouts, and composition. In the real-world scenario, the project layout forges a great impact on the client.

 As a designer, one must have a good command of such software as most people don’t enjoy watching an ordinary presentation, because Creativity is Captivating. The course also talks about branding basics, marketing materials, and ‘good’ logos.

  • Pattern Making For Fashion DesignBy Nino Via
MOOCs for Design Students

Learn the art of pattern drafting at home, directly from the experts in the fashion industry. The course demonstrates effective methods and techniques studied in major fashion universities across the globe. As a fashion designer, knowledge of patterns is truly vital, to understand the constructions of your designs. Basic principles such as dart manipulation and contour, pivoting procedures, and important industrial terminology, are a part of the lesson. Also, you will be introduced to grainlines, pattern labeling, trueing darts, and the necessary tools for drafting a pattern.

  • Autodesk Revit: Beginners to Intermediate Level – By S15 Studio
MOOCs for Design Students

Dear Young Architects, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to ace Autodesk Revit in less than 8 hours! The course covers the fundamentals of a building and basic terminology used in the practical world. Make CAD structures and architectural columns, major and minor components such as the walls, windows, doors, floors, curtains, ceiling, and roofs. And finally, enter the realm of rendering. Generate detailed models, rendered images, or video walk-throughs of your design.

No doubt, MOOCs are a promising way to make your vacations productive!