After completing high school, we stay in a transition stage until we get into our dream college/university. The struggle seems to be over once we enter college, but little did we know that the struggle of moving towards the right career path has just begun and has countless hurdles to cross before we reach the end of the path. To cross those hurdles and face the hardships designed in the path, you need support to prevent yourself from falling or refraining from going in the wrong direction. That support is called a ‘friend’.

A friend is someone who can do anything for you without having an obligation or a feel of responsibility towards you. A completely selfless and mutual form of relationship between two people without being blood-relatives, it is the most incredible feeling one can experience! Once you enter college, the first thing you search for is a good friend. How you are spending your days there and the intensity of fun you are having depends on the type of friends and your bonding with them. With a good friend, even the most boring lectures become the most enjoyable ones!

A friend is someone who wakes you up in the morning so that you don’t get late for your morning class; who puts you back to sleep timely so that you wake up timely; who takes care of you when you’re sick when don’t have your family around; who studies with you till 3 in the morning right before the exam; who has the infamous ‘Maggi’ party with you; who scolds you like your mother when you do something wrong; who lifts your mood when you are sad or depressed and cheers you up in your worst period; and lastly, someone you can share your every little secret with as they are the best problem-solvers without passing any judgment on your situation. A friend is a synonym for loving, understanding, and caring, the one who laughs and cries with you and has your back in every situation.

I don’t believe in the concept of having one best friend, I have multiple friends who are irreplaceable in my life. I’m blessed and glad to have such friends in my college, without whom everything seems incomplete and I’m quite convinced that this friendship will be sustained for life; forever!