The LPU’s Technovation Summit 2021 aimed at providing a platform for the vertos to learn from the Co-founders and CEOs of numerous reputed firms who have played a crucial role in shaping the future of the students. The summit helped in answering how, when, and why should a person move ahead to create a difference.

Day – 2 of the Technovation Summit was marked by the presence of Mr. Ankush Singla, Co-founder of Coding Ninjas. He talked about how one should prepare for FAANG companies. FAANG is an acronym used for the top 5 most popular and best-performing American technology companies in stocks. FAANG includes Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet.

LPU’s Technovation Summit 2021

Mr. Ankush talked about the necessity of having a strong resume for getting into any of the FAANG companies or any other Tech Giant. He emphasized on having good coding skills as it is of utmost necessity if you wish to join such firms. He insisted the students take part in GSOC, coding completions, hackathons, and contribute to the open-source community, as these things help in building a great resume. Towards the end of the session, he thanked Oasis and Lovely Professional University for taking this initiative and promised to get some wonderful workshops for the vertos soon.

Day – 3 of the LPU’s Technovation Summit 2021 was marked by the presence of Mr. Sumesh Nair, CEO, and Co-founder of Board Infinity. He talked about how to make a career in Data Science.

LPU’s Technovation Summit 2021

At the very beginning, Mr. Sumesh said that that it is important to stay motivated and confident for cracking any interview. Also, if you wish to join an IT firm then general aptitude skills and general problem-solving skills can do the work (and certain technical skills, if you are looking for technical jobs). Talking about a career in data science he mentioned that shortly the demand for this sector is going to rise exponentially. So, if you wish to join this sector then you need to know how data science products are made along with how their services work. The salary you get is high and one can keep on learning more new things once they jump into this domain. He insisted the students explore the various domains in the first two years of their college journey as this would enable them to decide on a perfect career field for them. Towards the end of he wished all the best to vertos and Technovation team for such an amazing session.

Day – 4 of the Technovation Summit was marked by the presence of Mr. Aditya Bhusan Verma, Co-founder of PrepBytes. He talked about Ed-tech start-ups.

LPU’s Technovation Summit 2021

Mr. Aditya at the very beginning said that a student with the right education and right guidance creates history, and thus great Universities are made by great students. Later on, he spoke about the importance of customer acquisition to run an ed-tech start-up. He shared his views about how an individual can develop an interest in coding. Knowing about how coding is going to help an individual in the future makes it clear for them to choose to code as a career and as soon as the goal is clear then the further steps involved as practice, patience, and confidence. A clear vision on “Why you need to start this start-up?” and “Why you?” needs to be clear before starting a start-up. Strong commitment, confidence, and determination enable you to make your dreams come true. Self-belief helps in gaining confidence. Towards the end of he wished grand success to the team for the Technovation Summit.

Learning, hustling, and cherishing is all that you need to make your college life worth remembering.