Lately, a lot of brilliant Vertos are opting for higher education from the apex western varsities after graduating from Lovely Professional University. While applying, you must have stumbled across the term GPA (Grade Point Average). In India, we use CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) & percentage to gauge a pupil’s academic caliber.

GPA is an internationally accepted academic grading system and an essential element of abroad education. It might intervene with the application process if you have studied at an institution that does not employ the GPA system. Some top institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University even have a concept of weighted & unweighted GPA.

What’s GPA?

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a method of assessing a pupil’s academic caliber that reflects their average performance throughout the duration of their course. In simple words, it’s a four-pointer version of your ten-pointer CGPA system that’s mostly employed in India.

How to convert your CGPA to GPA

How to convert CGPA to GPA?

To convert CGPA to GPA, you first need to convert your CGPA in terms of percentage (at Lovely Professional University, you can convert your CGPA to the percentage form by multiplying your CGPA by 10). Once you are done converting, you can divide your percentage by 100, then multiply the quotient by 4 & voilà! You calculated your GPA.

For instance, my CGPA is 8.78. Now to convert my CGPA to the percentage form, I will multiply my CGPA by 10.

So, 8.78×10=87.8%

Now, to convert my percentage to GPA, I will divide my percentage by 100 and multiply the quotient by 4.

So, (87.8/100)×4=3.512

Therefore, my GPA will be 3.5 approximately.

What’s the difference between weighted & unweighted GPA?

The conventional four-pointer GPA system used to gauge the academic caliber of pupils in most western varsities is known as unweighted GPA. Whereas weighted GPAs gauge more than just academic caliber. Weighted GPAs are rated on a scale of a five or sometimes even six; they reveal learning beyond the scholastic areas and gauge how much a student has pushed him/herself. This doesn’t imply weighted GPAs are better than unweighted GPAs. Weighted and unweighted GPAs both serve their own unique purpose.

The GPA system & the percentage system have their perks and limitations. Instead of just mugging up and scoring a top-notch GPA/percentage, you should try to focus on other aspects such as extracurricular activities, research, internships, etc. At Lovely Professional University, you get plenty of opportunities to grow. All it takes is a click to visit the UMS announcements section, and a whole world lot of events, competitions, guest lectures are unraveled to you!