Many people have excellent communication, analytical, and professional skills when it comes to defining a particular thing. And this particular thing makes them confuse that about which direction they must go to get the best out of the qualities and the characteristics they possess. Many people just like the others go into the direction of marketing and management and get restricted to that particular domain only. Much of this concept is also influenced by the course which they are undertaking.

For example, if you are an engineer or a science graduate, then most of the time you may think that apart from the very basic core domain jobs available in the markets where you can use your very skills effectively is the marketing and management domain. And thus like the rest of the crowd, you also join the same thing.

But what if you have some other option too where you can use these very skills effectively and given that this very option requires the basic core values of the subject in which you have graduated as well. Seems something odd? Well, the reality is that the job of Patent Agent in India is one such career where you can effectively use your domain knowledge and your communication and analytical skills at the same time.

So what is this Patent Agent? A Patent Agent is a person who is skilled to undertake and exercise his powers as envisaged by the Indian Patent Act 1970 for drafting, filing, prosecuting, and other legal matters related to patents and intellectual property rights. Now how it is important? Items such as phones and electronic devices to the specific designs of the interface to the logos of a particular organization all come under specific laws and regulations of patent and intellectual property laws. And only those people can use their skills in sorting out these things who have particular knowledge in this domain.

If there is litigation over the design and working of a particular electronic device between two companies, then only that person can understand it much better who have the specific domain knowledge about that particular electronic device. And here comes the domain knowledge handy to the Patent Agents. As the whole world is connected through the chains of trades and commerce, thus this very particular thing acts like lungs to that chain by giving the required boost and energy for free and fair trade. So how to be a Patent Agent?

Particularly for India, the person must be a degree holder in Engineering or any other Science Domain and he/she must be at least 21 years of old. So for being a Patent Agent one needs to qualify a pan-India exam known as Patent Agent Examination. This examination is conducted once a year by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries. So now once you can ace the examination, you are a registered Patent Agent under the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

Patents and Intellectual Property Rights are the lungs of trade and business, thus these people are regarded in a very high manner by the various organizations. Thus you can either take up a job with any particular organization or can act as a private consultant. These agents are paid highly because of their nature of the job and this is the reason why this examination is also considered as one of the hardest among all too. So if you think this is the kind of career for you, then yes you must go for it.