How To Stay Cool In Summer: Hostel Hacks

How To Stay Cool In Summer: Hostel Hacks

Stay cool

We have all been there – getting irritated, dehydrated and tired and not able to do anything because of the excessive heat. The summers in India, at a point, become our archenemy and heat stroke and excessive sweating becomes the reason we find ourselves getting sick. To prevent ourselves from getting in a trap of the summers, there are small and easy hacks one can use to stay fit and active during the summers:

  1. Use water to cool down.

 Stay coolIf you are hydrated, you’ll feel cool. Make a habit of drinking at least 8 ounces of water every hour which will help you stay cool and fit. If possible add mint leaves, orange, lemon or cucumber slices making it more refreshing.

You can use a wet handkerchief and put it around your neck which will also keep you stay cool for much longer even than you think.

  1. Rinse your wrists and feet.

 Stay coolDouse your writs and feet under cold running water for 15 – 20 seconds. This will help you feel relaxed and cooler reducing your temperature.

  1. Spray bottles are so coooool!

 Stay coolIf possible, have a spray bottle with you and spray on your face, arms or any exposed skin for an instant cooling effect.

  1. Shut the sun out.

 Stay coolInstall curtains or blinds in your room and shut them to shut the sun, preventing your room from heating and allowing it to cool down.

  1. Eat simple and small food at regular intervals.

Stay coolHeavy and larger proportions of food take more energy to digest and thus more metabolic heat is required for their breakdown. So, eats small meals at regular interval so as to keep your body a bit cooler from inside too.

  1. Go light and loose.

Stay coolUpdate your wardrobe and the kind of fabric you choose. Wear light clothing and prefer cotton clothing if you can. Wear loose clothes rather the tight ones. Wear trousers or pants instead of tight thick jeans for college and wear shorts and lowers when not in the college premises.

All these measures can help you stay cool even in the extreme summer and you won’t need any air conditioner to go cool in summer. Moreover, it is wise to avoid air conditioners as they are one of the biggest reasons for global warming and even sucks moisture out of your body. So, use these simple measures as much as you can and stay cool and active all day.