When you move to a new place in a new city, it becomes very back-breaking to adjust to new surroundings and it is really usual to feel homesick and wistful sometimes. To make your new home, your dorm room a bit more comfortable and roomy, all you need is plants!

Here’s a list of five plants you can keep in your dorm room:

  • Aloe Vera
Keep It Clean And Green

Aloe Vera is the best plant to keep in your room as it not only purifies the air but also releases oxygen throughout the night. They are super affordable and easy to maintain. Applying the gel in its leaves will give you a bright facial glow for free!

  • Snake Plant
Keep It Clean And Green

It helps to improve your sleep quality as it emits oxygen even at night and is useful in eliminating “formaldehyde” which is very common in cleaning products and personal care products.

  • English Ivy

The English Ivy tends to remove molds and clears off various toxins and airborne allergies and give you a better good night’s sleep. It is also used by doctors all around the world to treat numerous health issues like Asthma.

  • Gerbera
Keep It Clean And Green

It purifies the air, improves sleep quality and it is very effective in removing “trichloroethylene” which may enter your room with your laundry. It also filters out benzene that can come with inks. It adds a little boom of colours in your room.

  • Azalea
Keep It Clean And Green

It is another flowering plant that will add life to your room in addition to combat formaldehyde from foam installation and plywood.