Winters are the favourite time of the year for many (including me!) as it invites the falling of beautiful crystalline snow on your Christmas trees with the frosty and slippery evenings as the snow sits on the ground is heavenly. Even if it is not necessary for snowfall to occur at your place every winter season, temperature going as low as 2-3 degrees especially in the northern part of India is enough to pierce through your bones. These chilly winter mornings and evenings may penetrate your nerves but are still better than the gross summer afternoons with the sun on the top of your head and temperature boiling up to 45-50 degrees. As this season can be lustrous and divinely breathtaking, several precautions must be taken to conquer the winters especially if you live or visit snowy areas; avoid getting frostbite!

There might not be anything here which you already aren’t aware of but as we humans have the tendency to forget and need to get a reminder for almost everything, so here you go!

Accept everything warm with open arms!

These winters would also have been pretty amazing if the pandemic hadn’t breathed down our neck, and with the cold season arriving, we are more prone to getting sick making it much more important to take appropriate precautions and the topmost being keeping ourselves warm and cozy. This ranges from food, drinks, and clothes to everything around you. Keep yourself and your surroundings warm to minimize the possibility of any microorganism attacking you!

Have your favourite delicacy served hot!

When the cold begins shivering your soul from within, a good bowl of hot dish is what you require! Whether it’s hot khichdi dripping with ghee or a hot soup or even any hot beverage, it will fulfill the purpose of bringing you back to your senses. Avoid eating cold or laid food as the pandemic still isn’t over and the virus is still around you!

Let your favourite beverage be the immunity-booster kadha!

Who isn’t familiar with kadha and its role in boosting our immunity extremely essential during this period? It is a traditional Indian drink consumed as tea which can easily dominate over any other beverage like coffee or tea with milk and sugar. To make this, you only need some cloves, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, basil leaves, licorice, and honey boiling them in some water and get your special and super beneficial tea ready within minutes!

Perfect hot/warm water bubbly baths are the best!

As I know many of us prefer a cold bath even during this chilly season, warm water is the best way to ease out your frozen body. Avoid using cold water in winters. Also, don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize your skin which may turn flaky due to the dry weather conditions (or your skin might end up looking like the shredded skin of a snake!).

Drink warm water

You all must be aware of the advantages warm water holds over cold water and how it can relieve congestion of sinuses, heal a sore throat, improve digestion, flush out the toxins from your body, reduces weight and stress and helps in proper circulation in the body. Having a glass of hot water after waking up in the morning is the best possible way to kick start your day (even in the summers!).

Wear warm clothes, eat and drink warm, take proper precautions, keep the virus at bay and enjoy the gelid season of winters thoroughly!