The ongoing period of quarantine is really turning out to be the race of a marathon, where one needs to be calm and composed with the end results in mind. With a week more to go to complete 45 days of this quarantine, we have already pushed ourselves to the limits. We have already done things we couldn’t even think of: “We didn’t move out of our houses for almost a month now”. As we are about to complete this happy milestone of ours, we are already out of ideas about what to do for the coming days now.

So, here is the list of things we can enjoy during this quarantine period of ours:

  1. COOKING: Most of the people have thought of cooking at least once in his/her life, so this is the perfect time to think of a recipe, gather the ingredients and start cooking. HAPPY MEALS.


  1. READ BOOKS: We always wanted no less than a week of holidays so that we could do something apart from our university work. Boom, here it is, an indefinite period of holidays. This is the perfect time to grab some good books and start reading. “READING IS DREAMING WITH EYES WIDE OPEN”


  1. FINISH WATCHING YOUR UNFINISHED WEB SERIES: Forget Saturdays and Sundays, now you have got a whole bunch of time to watch and finish your favourite web series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Grab the popcorn and start watching. (I guess Money Heist will work.)


  1. GET AN ONLINE CERTIFICATION: This is something that will help you once you get back to work after the quarantine is over. This will add to your knowledge and to your CV as well. There are a number of platforms that provide free courses and certifications like Udemy, Google Digital Garage, Coursera and many others. NEVER STOP LEARNING.


  1. GET LOADS OF SLEEP: We always wanted weeks of holidays so that we could get our exhaustion out. So, folks, brace yourself the time has finally come. No more 9 am classes, no more PEP classes, nothing. Get low and go to sleep. This time won’t come again. Sleep well and gain its benefits. HAPPINESS IS GOING TO GET KNOWING YOU CAN SLEEP AS LONG AS YOUN WANT.

These activities will definitely help you in getting rid of your boredom and will add to your fun activities. Apart from this, keep yourself updated with the daily news also so that you become properly aware of the situation.

Maintain social distancing and enjoy the quarantine period.

About the Author: I'm Nayer Ahtisham. I went on certain road trips to explore
places and finally got myself to writing what I explored, I am a travel blogger
at WordPress.