ICSSR(Indian Council of Social Science Research) has sanctioned a grant of more than 5 lacs for making a device which will aid in teaching Neuromuscular Disease Affected Children. Neuromuscular ailments impair the proper functioning of muscles, which primarily caused due to death of neurons that control the voluntary muscles.

LPU faculty Mr Aditya Khamparia (School of Computer Science and Engineering) and Ms Babita Pandey (School of Computer Applications) will be making this device which will provide aid in teaching children affected with Neuromuscular Diseases. Children affected with this disease often and easily feel tired because of weak muscles, but they are just the same as any other children. They can think, make judgements, act and feel like normal people. This project is important as it will help these children get an education and lead an independent and fulfilling life. We wish the Mr Khamparia and Ms Pandey all the best for this project!