The LPU School of Architecture & Design (LSAD) organized a virtual celebration of ‘World Earth Day’ in collaboration with Indian Institute of Architects Punjab Chapter (IIAPC), and IIA Jalandhar Centre. With the theme ‘Restore the Earth’, LSAD invoked all architects, students and all citizens of the world to restore the world’s ‘Ecosystem’. Correlating the present COVID-19 pandemic scenario worldwide, a message was conveyed that “together, we have the strong power to restore our earth”. Many architects and arch-students from the country participated in this virtual celebration.

The keynote speaker of this celebration was Ar Sanjay Goel, renowned Architect of the country, Chairman IIAPC and Director Ludhiana Smart City (ltd). Ar Goel held that in the current worldwide pandemic scenario, we all need a healthy earth to support our livelihood, health, survival, happiness and to have all-round prosperity. He requested everyone to respect the ‘Mother Earth’, and further advised not to pollute air, water and sound on the earth. Adding to it, Dean & Chief Architect at LPU Ar Atul Singla shared that a healthy planet is not an option, it is a necessity.

The theme celebrated at LPU focused on natural processes; emerging green technologies; and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. It rejects the notion that mitigation or adaptations are the only ways to address climate change. It is up to each and every one to “restore earth” because we live on it.

This important virtual session was attended by leading architects of the nation including Ar Surinder Bahga, HoD Prof Ar Nagendra Narayan, Prof Ar Himmat Bhatia, Ar Dinesh Bhagat, Ar Yogesh Singla, Ar Pritpal Singh, Ar Rajinder Sandhu, Ar Anmol Pupneja, Ar Sanjeev Aggarwal, Ar Harinder Boparai, Faculty and students at LSAD, and more.