Some days ago, on my way home, I was talking to my cousin who asked me about my college life. Before I could say anything, he mentioned that LPU has been able to do something nobody has done before. According to my brother, LPU has been able to align the pursuits of the students with their program. The pursuits of students include international exposure and opportunities that can expand beyond the horizon. Then I got reminded of my own friends who have gone for the amazing opportunity of Credit Transfer to the top universities of the world through LPU.
One of my own classmates and dear friend Prabhdeep Singh has also started his journey at Trent University, Canada under the Credit Transfer program. He has always been enthusiastic and thrilled to get international exposure and world-class education. He has diligently studied for two years at LPU where he was a good student and embraced some other opportunities that LPU provided him. The International Relations department of Lovely Professional University helped in making his dreams a reality with their support and connections.
Prabhdeep Singh always had a vision and a plan. All he needed was a little guidance which he got in ample amounts at LPU. A lot of students aspire to learn according to international standards, explore cultures and pursue their endeavors. Now, there are opportunities available for 3 years at LPU and 1 year at universities like Huddersfield University in the UK. Lovely Professional University is making sure that the students can get all that they need and are facilitated to achieve their best potential. The students can take advantage of this exemplary program and achieve their goals as Prabhdeep did with the help of Lovely Professional University. We wish him all the best for his future and take utmost inspiration from his achievements.