Here we are once again up with one more attainment of a verto who lately got ingress in the Trent University of Canada by the dint of the credit transfer program. As it is known, previously there already have been many intimations of students of LPU travelling abroad to complete their education in the most reputed universities of the world. Continuing that we are up with another achievement of a verto who has just started his journey in a Canadian university.

Studying overseas provides us with an enormous number of opportunities that imparts us the chance to frame our career in a little different way. Never will we be handed so many opportunities than during our time studying abroad. Considering that we have Paramjit Singh, who is pursuing the Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University. He is a verto who has just begun his journey at Trent University, Canada under the Credit Transfer Program. There have had been many students who have enrolled in the best foreign universities through this credit transfer program. In this program, the student gets the degree from a foreign university and besides that, he or she also gets to work part-time over there.

Lovely Professional University has multitudinous connections with foreign universities. Along with that, it has several tie-ups with several international universities one of which is The Trent University, in which a very recent admission of one of the Lovely professional university’s students was performed. Along with the tie-ups with international universities and it has even signed MoU’s, as a facilitator, with numerous institutions across the world.

Also, it provides both the semester exchange and the credit transfer programs. Not only that, but it filters the options of universities based on the programs, thus exposing only to the best ones. Moreover, in order to wave off the financial stress, it provides fee waivers in the form of scholarships. In addition to that, it also makes sure that student is allowed to work part-time for a set of hours only under the credit transfer program. The best part of studying abroad is that the student gets exposure to completely two different environments, one of LPU and the other of the selected university.

Trent University is one of Canada’s top universities and is in Peterborough, Ontario. It has a 100% graduate employment rate in most of the domains. It thus is the best place to build a career, especially for an international student. It is a place to build a brighter future by leveraging our incredible.

Studying overseas is not just about studying but much more. It requires a straight double number of efforts. Although there are enormous opportunities which are always available at a hands space yet there is a lot of stuff which one may lack over there. But we’re well aware of the fact that hard work is the only tool that paves the way to the top. With that, we wish Paramjit courage and strength and all the very best for his new journey.