Physical Education alumnus of Lovely Professional University (LPU), Abhinand has achieved a remarkable milestone by being selected to work in the broadcasting team for the Paris Olympic Games- 2024. Hailing from Kerala and part of the 2018-21 Batch in BSc Health & Physical Education; Abhinand has been furthering his education in Sports Management at the American Business School in Paris.

To enhance his skills in the field, Abhinand successfully completed the Broadcast Training Programme (BTP) from the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) in Madrid. This program equips students with hands-on experience and insights into the intricacies of broadcasting the Olympic Games. He is currently in Paris, gearing up to contribute behind the scenes alongside industry professionals during the prestigious event.

Ms. Magnac, BTP Liaison, Human Resources & Crewing (OBS), has sent a selection letter to Abhinand, informing him that he will receive almost Rs 10,000 (100+Euro) per day during the schedules of the games. LPU’s Pro Chancellor, Mrs Rashmi Mittal, congratulated Abhinand on his achievement and encouraged him to continue earning recognition in the world of sports.

Abhinand, who hails from the small village of Payyoli in Kozhikode District (Kerala), drew inspiration from the renowned Indian athlete P.T. Usha, who happens to be his neighbour. His childhood aspirations took flight at LPU, where he gained extensive knowledge about the sports industry and various opportunities.

Abhinand expresses his gratitude to LPU and his teachers for fostering his passion for sports. His ultimate dream is to be a part of a sports club team like Real Madrid (Barcelona) or Manchester United. His journey from a small village to the global stage of the Paris Olympic Games exemplifies the potential that education and determination can unlock in an individual.

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