Sleeping, in this decade is what we worry about! Like, seriously!? Who would have thought this day would hit the generation. I feel weird about this. And this no-sleep disease being highly contagious is making the rounds around the world! Even peeps going through their teenage years are now prone to insomnia.

Neural Music - Insomnia in teenage

“But when nothing worked out, technology saved the day.”

Yes. Neural Music. Neural Music is the latest sleeping and relaxing aid. It consists of alpha waves resonation produced naturally or using an audio software. These neural songs are specifically curated with the prime purpose to make you feel relaxed and help you fall asleep in few minutes. It is one of the latest product of the internet.

Neural Music to aid sleep

This is so awesome. Like, how the machines are now enabling us to get a pure sleep of the day. YouTube is flooding up with this category of music. The artists are creating an aura of different, unexperienced realism via our sense of listening.

Neural Music to relax the brain

Not only it helps in sleep but also maximizes the art of meditation. The Art Of Living meditation camps use these alpha wave sounds. These bring in relaxation to the mind and the soul. Neural music consists of nature sounds like flowing water, birds chirping, rainfall, thundering, crickets chirping, wind blowing, leaves thudding with the branches and a constant alpha wave with a little piano goes in the background.

Meditation and Neural Music

The astronauts, scientists, engineers and researchers staying there at ISS (International Space Station) use neural music to overcome the fear and claustrophobia of space and zero gravity. Not only for the ISS but for normal space travels.

There are many active channels on YouTube which deliver quality alpha wave music. Do listen and give your mind and soul calm feels.

  1. Yellow Brick Cinema
    Yellow Brick Cinema - Neural Music
  2. Meditative Mind
    Meditative Mind - Neural Music
  3. Brainwave Power Music
    Brainwave Power Music - Neural Music

Music affects numerous regions of the brain.

Neural Music affects different regions of brain
Source: Includehants

The alpha waves are now helping medical patients suffering from indefinite coma and social disorders. The implications of the music produced by this synthesis of waves is literally helping the generation in numerous ways.

Life is beautiful, and I think machines are just giving us more senses to perceive the realism!