Dreaming is the most interesting, mysterious and unfathomable experience of life. During the Roman era, dreams were considered a message which was coming straight from the Almighty. A lot of research had been done by the Egyptians and Romans in the process of dreaming, but no core and concrete information could be shepherd out of the presented analysis.

It is also believed that the ideas of the greatest paintings ever structured in this world took birth in dreams only.

So here are the top 5 fun facts about dreaming that you hadn’t known yet:

  1. Human beings forget 90% of what they dream:

Since a long time, dreams have been a matter of temporary memory information. According to the scientofact analysis report, everyone forgets about 90% part of the dream in less than 5 seconds of being awake. This means that you only retain the traumatic or the most bizarre incidents that had happened in the dream.  

  1. People who are blind also dream:

People who became blind after the course of their birth are habitual of seeing different dreams that too with a vivid range of colours. The dreams encountered by such people are normally based on nature and animals, they hardly tend to get the nightmares and stuff. Those beings who are blind from birth itself do not any dreams with images in it, though they dream about other working senses like hearing, listening, taste, smells and emotions.

  1. People see only those faces that they already know:

Out mind can never invent new faces. We can only structure new faces by amalgamating different aspect of the face like nose, ears and forehead from different people. It is a fact that everyone encounters only those faces which they have seen or witnessed at some time in their life. We come across a thousand faces every day which gives an endless supply of characters to our minds to fit in the course of dreams.

facts about dreaming

  1. Dreams are not always colourful:

A rate of 12% of the sighted people dream in a monochromatic state. This means that they dream in a black, white and grey style format. Studies conducted form 1915s to 1950s have shown that majority of the dreams were black and white. But then results started to alter from 1960s. Today only 4.4% of the dreams of the people under the age of 25 experience monochromatic dreams.

  1. If you snore, then you don’t find yourself dreaming:

This particular fact is rigorously debated on the internet for quite some time now.  Though there are no evidential proofs to tell that people who snore don’t find themselves dreaming but rather it is an experience that most of the people who snore come across with. It is to signify that no scientific evidence is present to provide the apt knowledge on the fact of snoring and dream.

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