A Short Term Course on Happittude: The Key to Success was organized by Human Resource Development Center and Mittal School of Business, Lovely Professional University. The workshop was about building sustainable happiness initiatives that are impactful, measurable, and strategically aligned to our Life Purpose.

Dr. Pretty Bhalla, Associate Professor, Mittal School of Business, the resource person used effective tools, methodologies and frameworks designed around the science of happiness that will ignite passion, growth, and success at all walks of Life.

This workshop pushed participants up the ladder from basic understanding of self, choices we make, direction or course of life we choose to lead and how it impacts the day to day functioning and overall life. These sessions enabled learners to have a broadened perspective and take happy decisions as Happittude matters in both personal and professional relationships and life.

Proven techniques were used in this workshop, that are developed over the years by combining the business understanding with evidence-based interventions in the fields of Individual behaviour, Organisational Behaviour, positive psychology, mindfulness, and behavioural science.

Session 1:

Session started with talks on self-analysis, about Missing Tile syndrome, wearing unhappiness as a badge which is a new aspect in corporate world which paved a way to identify various identities an individual has and finally how should we analyze ourselves Whole and Complete for nurturing Attitude of Happiness. Storytelling and small activities marked the session.

Session 2:

Developing further on aspects of Paradox of happiness and Zones of happiness, individual was made to move in self-realization about various happy and sad stages of life through a new lens. Discussion on Hedonic Treadmill and taking and nurturing happiness enhancing decisions were the themes of the session.

Session 3:

Moving ahead from self-analysis and realization case study method was used to understand aspects of narratives and Identities, and further on how it impacts our relationship with our spouse and even at workplace. Details of continuum of compassion and our positioning in each stream was analyzed. “Out of Box” Thinking was theme of the session.

Session 4:

Session marked the understanding of our emotions using Johari Window and Atlas of emotions along with creating and analyzing our own emotional signature. This gave the deeper understanding of people reactions at different situations in life which can be easily avoided by analyzing our High and low on Emotional journey path.

Session 5:

Session was organized to enhance workplace happiness by letting our best self-surface up with our colleagues, assistants and leaders. Session was marked by various fun filled activities that were rooted in self-analysis and to create a better self.

Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Build a happy attitude by choice.
  2. Ability to see beyond and align oneself to get the desired results.
  3. Become strong and resilient with the current and past happenings.
  4. Create a sustainable happiness in personal and professional Life.

Prof. (Dr.) Sunaina Ahuja, Dean & Head-Human Resource Development Center, Lovely Professional University remarked that the course helped participants to cultivate an inspired mind to get out and stand strong from tangles of personal and Professional Life situations and nourish a soul that seeks best of itself. This would hold true the maxim that a happy society is a progressive and productive society, she iterated.

An assignment on practical application was rolled out on day 2 for participants to assimilate learning and also have a feel of the real application of the inputs. The participants appreciated HRDC for providing such pertinent learning opportunities and expressed the desire to attend further workshops on the similar theme, basis their conviction and confidence in the quality of training provided.