It’s been a long year in the university, but your final year of college is finally in the books. You know what I want to say; final year in right around the corner and it’s the last year before you expose yourself to the real world. This summer is going to be one for the learning – no more procrastination, no. This summer is the time to work on your dreams.

First thing’s first: It’s time to listen to mother and get fit. No more fast food. This summer is about living the moments which is impossible if you’re loading your body with unhealthy food. Diet will be very important but you need to exercise too. Soak up the sun and make your workout fun. Run across the campus sidewalks, climb the stairs at block 29 or just ride out your energy in Gymnasium. Dive into a pool of glistering cold water and hit by a few laps or just walk a walk back into the sunset.

Now, that you have your health in progress, it’s time to experience some adrenaline. Book a random trip, google what’s going on around your city, talk to people and enjoy their presence. It’s summer; no need to be closed off but lose free. Join that music club, sign up for the yoga classes and buy those paint supplies. There are no more class assignments, midterms or classwork. It’s finally time to attend to your passion.

Lastly, I want you to treat every summer day like it’s going to end soon. Wake up with the unshakeable zest and hunger for success, enjoy the little gifts, pour yourself a yellow glass of lemonade and just lay down thinking of things. No motion should be wasted this summer, every action should go for something and at the end, you should say, I lived the way I wanted to live! Have a great summer ahead.