Remember that time when your professor had a sore throat or wasn’t in the mood to teach and so they showed you a video? A red painted logo saying “TED” in capitals caught you in confusion and dilemma. Who is this person they’re calling – Ted? Why should we listen to him talk? Why someone new comes up every time and talks endlessly about something?

Read on to find who this person is and what is that you can learn from TED talks.

TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design is a non-profit organization that aims at bringing fresh ideas and insights to the people, educating them about the diverse backgrounds of everything from sports to food. It reduces the barrier of communication, promotes unity and initiates discussion among diverse groups. has emerged as a platform to discuss and appreciate ideas from beyond the world thoughts of people. If you just want to know about something, avoid a boring conversation, watch something to go with your popcorns or just have a good laugh; TED has everything for you, just a click away.

The role of this platform is roaring in importance for college students, especially in universities where diversity is the new common. Opposing views pitted away arguments, political sides or technology geeks, it calls upon everyone with an idea or thought and educate them. Also, they give them a chance to educate too!

How to get a chance to speak at TEDx conferences or submit to them?

Have a strong idea or story to tell?

Each year TEDx hosts many shows and seek for eminent and talented speakers who own the passion to speak about their idea. If you think you want the spot, visit their official website and fill up the speaker recommendation form. The panel will evaluate each submission (multiple submission won’t help) and get back to the person who they want. You can also partner with them and take the ride of inspiring and educating millions.

What are TED Talks and How Can You Make Your Own

If you’ve not tried yet, try listening to some talks from various genres and you’ll find it extremely informative, productive and interesting, which is what this organization aims for. If you’re in college, it’s a pool worth diving into!