The student organization, Griffin, came up with another motivating episode of “The Griffin show” with Pankaj Kumar. Pankaj Kumar is an athlete and a mountaineer. He has done numerous expeditions and Mt. Black Peak and Mt.Satopanth remain his personal favorites. He is also very active in rock climbing, trekking, and various passes in the Himalayas. During this live session, he enlightened the vertos with various facts and experiences of mountaineering.

He kickstarted his journey while traveling to one of the most beautiful places in India, Himachal Pradesh and the serenity of the place made an impact on him. Soon, he got to know that this can be done professionally too and there was a scope of career in this. During his college days, he took a basic mountaineering course from “Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports” and met people from the same community, and then he decided that he is made for this and will make a career in this only.

The Griffin Show with mountaineer, Pankaj Kumar

He emphasized the fact that you always need to invest in yourself to gain anything starting from knowledge, experience to a degree. If you think of everything you are doing as an investment and give your all efforts, you’ll surely get the desired returns. Your mindset is everything, if you think of something as a waste of money then it will always be that and you will never be able to put it to good use. While planning an expedition, several plans are made and executed according to the conditions. The summit is like a bonus for mountaineers and enjoying the whole experience is their whole purpose.

There is no room for error in mountaineering and all other adventure sports as it involves risk. This also revolves around trust amongst each other so teammates are chosen accordingly for an expedition. Many things are planned beforehand like food supply, transportation, days in which it needs to be completed, and what to do during bad weather. Climbing is generally done for the summit at night because the snow becomes tight and it is easier than at day. His dream destination is Kullu-Manali. He also wants to do an expedition in Garhwal hills. Before going on a trek or a hike, doing thorough research from your side is very important. He also gave suggestions and advice to everyone who are planning to go on a trek. He wants to spread awareness about alpinism and want to ace his skills in the near future.

His final message to the vertos was to always collect knowledge whenever you can, it is the most important thing in life. Do extra things in college along with your studies, experience new things, and gain different experiences.  The whole session was mesmerizing and informative.

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