Last month LPU sent an announcement to all the hostlers in which they said to forsake rooms before 30th September. The process of rooms vacating is going on with proper guidelines, safety measures and social distancing. LPU has provided flexibility for students who are living far away or those who are not willing to come that they can either send their parents or any third party but with proper affirmation and signature to take away your goods. Maximum hostlers are taking benefit of local logistic services without even going to campus.

But many students don’t want to involve the third party in their goods and are willing to go to Phagwara to take their items back on their own. So, those students need to know a few guidelines and formalities before coming to Punjab for skipping the trouble.

Punjab government is quite strict in case of COVID-19 guidelines and heavily fine passengers for are violating it. Here are the few procedures you need to follow before travelling to Punjab by any means of transport.


You need to register yourself on the COVA PUNJAB mobile application before coming to Punjab. You need to give your location access to this app throughout your arrival and departure.

  1. Passenger Registration

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Before arriving and departing, for both purposes, you need to register yourself on the Punjab government official website by providing complete detail of your arrival purpose, Aadhar number and co-passengers.


You may need to fill the arrival form of your home state when departing from Punjab. Kindly check the travelling guidelines for your home state before arriving there.

  1. Quarantine Rules

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Punjab government is stricter on quarantine rules than compared to any other states. The guidelines are getting changed almost every second week. But, the most recent one is, if you are travelling to Punjab for less than 72 hours then there is no need to get quarantined but, if you are travelling for more than 72 hours, Punjab government can impose a 14-day quarantine on you in Punjab. Also, in some cases, air passengers who are staying less than 72 hours are advised to get quarantined. So, kindly check the guidelines a week before arriving according to your means of transport for a hassle-free stay.

  1. Certificate of Fitness

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Interstate travel needs a permit from a doctor stating that you are well and fit for the travel. Punjab government has provided a certificate in which you need to take the signature either from a government doctor or a government-certified doctor which guarantees your checkup and screening reports. You need to carry the form with you throughout the stay because it can get asked anywhere.