You have filled out all the applications, submitted your best resume, polished up a cover letter and congrats! That so awaited mail of acceptance is at your door. The potential employer has reached out to you and asked for an interview. But, a Skype interview. What!

Video interviews can be stressful and intimidating, but there’s a good news: You can have a great impression through the virtual screen similar to personal interviews. You might think that “How can I transfer my charm through the wires of a desktop?” Fortunately, there are many ways to seal the deal.

Master that Skype Interview for your Virtual Success

  1. Always be prepared and be on time

Don’t take this lightly because it earns you major points. Setting up for a video interview requires prep work beforehand. You have to set up the internet, add the contacts and organize your notes before dialling. Sit down with your Skype open ten minutes before the interview starts.

  1. Make use of the cheat sheet

You have an extra bonus. These interviews often go more in depth so you should be having some facts and knowledge about their company or organization. Make sure you check out their social pages such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and website handy on your browser.

Master that Skype Interview for your Virtual Success

  1. Always have a backup plan

In case your internet connection fails, have your phone nearby and in case things go more south, have your friend’s resources nearby. You can borrow their internet for the moment and ask them for help. Make sure you practice skyping on your phone beforehand and tackle them like “The internet is not working for the moment, can we move to a phone call?”

  1. Eliminate all distractions and their sources

The last thing the Human Resource Executive at your dream company wants to hear is your dog barking or girlfriend screaming on phone with her best friend. Move to a comfortable place and call up your friends and family asking them for some privacy.

  1. Make eye contact with your interviewer

The only thing that can defy the barrier of the interview being online is making eye contact with the person. Look directly into your webcam and avoid looking around you or in corners of the screen. When you look at the person, you make a connection of familiarity and confidence for which you can earn some extra credits too!

  1. Don’t forget to say cheese

Don’t miss any chance of showing your shining white teeth. It makes an impression that you are accepting, cheerful and fun loving. These are certain qualities that every employer looks for in their employees.

Master that Skype Interview for your Virtual Success

  1. Engage and Interact as much as you can

At some point, the questions will be getting heavier and will have awkward pauses.  You will need conversational topics to fill the gaps and better kill the lines when you say them! When you interact with them try not to be too unprofessional as it will become a negative aspect. If you converse effectively, you’ll prove yourself as an actually honest and interested candidate.

  1. Dress to kill

Don’t think that as the person cannot see you from top to bottom, you can get away without wearing shoes. It is not necessary to wear formals but dress appropriately from your best shirt to your shiny shoes. It helps more than you may think. Especially when you are in a situation when you have to stand up to bring certain document and you are wearing your favorite Batman shorts.

Master that Skype Interview for your Virtual Success

Lastly, always follow up after. Send a thank you email within 12 hours and better make it a personalized one. Keep in touch, talk about dialogues from the interview, ask for opportunities and hope you get your part in the play!