Sarcasm is a thing which is growing day by day. With the increasing socialism, sarcasm is like that pepper which adds all the taste. A symbol, sign, gesture, body language and ideogram of showcasing how cool you are, sarcastic quotes are coming at a major hype these days.

So here are the top 5 sarcastic quotes of all time which in turn could be used to print on the tee-shirts also:

  1. I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong:

Top 5 Sarcastic Quotes of All Time

A quote given by the famous author, Russel Lynes is indeed very famous on social media platforms. According to an estimation, 1.2 million tee-shirts have been sold globally with this quote printed on it. The quote is a slap of word to those who always try to prove themselves right in every situation where he/she might not be even right.

  1. Before you ‘assume’, try this method of ‘asking’:

Top 5 Sarcastic Quotes of All Time

A man posted this quote on his Facebook profile in the year 2008. His name is still unknown but he had explained why he wrote this quote and that was because he was falsely accused to rape a girl from his own neighbourhood. After 2 years he came out to be clean and the quote got itself the hype.

  1. Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything:

Top 5 sarcastic quotes of all time

This quote was proudly written and authored by John Hammer who is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He was selected for an internship at the Google Inc. and was allotted a task to formulate a quote which should have the word Google in it and that was the time when this particular quote came into existence.

  1. If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments:

Top 5 Sarcastic Quotes of All Time

This is something humorous. A man named Earl Wilson authored this quote back in 2013. He was living a lonely yet happy life. In the year 2012, he had a divorce which made his wife and kids leave his place. In 2013, he bought a car and while paying his 4th instalment, the idea of this quote struck to his mind and the quote took birth. This quote is patented also.

  1. Never stop dreaming, keep sleeping:

Top 5 Sarcastic Quotes of All Time

This quote was given by Ruther Alon, a boy aged 14 who was fed up with his parents who scolded him to wake up early in the morning for his regular schooling classes. He considered himself to be a veteran at sleeping. One day he sat for an hour thinking about the solution to his parent’s problem and then he gave birth to this quote. Ruther wrote the quote on a piece on paper and pinned outside his room so that next morning his parents don’t wake him up. Funny right?

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