‘Sports’ is a non-detachable part of our life and also it’s important for our overall mental as well as physical development, but wait, I am not going to tell you about its advantages in this article.

Let’s talk about something more interesting, as mentioned in the title, the top 5 most loved outdoor sports games around the world which every person on this planet is aware of, but hardly anyone knows that which sport has the biggest fanbase and how famous is that game so let’s start the list:

  1. Tennis (1 billion fans)


Well it was expected that this game might be among one the most popular games around the globe, with approx 1 billion fans from the regions of Europe, America, and Asia. Some of the famous personalities are Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams.

  1. Hockey (2.2 billion fans)


I can bet that hardly anyone expected this game in this list. But here it is! Hockey is the fourth most famous sports in the world with whopping 2.2 billion fans. And guess what, it’s the National Game of India and we all should be proud of that. This game has fans from many parts of the world such as countries from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia.

Also, another form of hockey called ice-hockey, which is played around the icy regions around the globe, is mainly famous in countries like Canada, the USA, and Sweden.

  1. Basketball (2.3 billion fans)


Basketball the highly popular and intense game is ranked number 3 in terms of worldwide fanbase this year. This game has a different level of intensity or simply environment; the audience can feel the intensity of the players on the court. This game has a large fanbase from the regions of the US, Canada, China, and the Philippines which in total is approx 2.3 billion worldwide!

  1. Cricket (2.5 billion fans)


It is not possible to create this list without mentioning this extremely complicated, thrilling costly and famous game.

Instead of being a colonial game which is only played among the countries being ruled by Britishers in past, this game has a humongous number of a fanbase; because of the aura of this game it’s actually addictive, and according to me is the toughest game to play among all the games in this list. It has the major fanbase from India, Australia, England, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, etc.

  1. Soccer/Football (3.5 billion fans)


It’s obvious that soccer is the most famous game on this planet with an unbelievable 3.5 billion fans worldwide, that’s nearly half of the Earth’s population. According to reports, it was found that approximately 3.5 billion peoples watched the FIFA World Cup 2018 worldwide which is the highest number for any game to be watched.