Communication is the most important skill for both personal and professional success but speaking in public is a challenge. Almost 70% of the population has an intense fear of public speaking. We all have that moment on the stage when we go completely blank. Have you ever frozen on the stage? We all hesitate to speak in front of the public.

Here are a few techniques to overcome social anxiety and to become a more confident public speaker.

I. First of all, know your topic properly about what you are going to speak. Frame your topic with the right points and also, add good vocabulary to it. As there is an old saying that “A good speech is like a pencil, it has to have a point.

II. Focus more on how to speak rather than what to speak. The way in which you present your topic has more impact on the audience as compared to your content.

III. Always remember posture and physicality are very important while presenting your topic. So stand naturally in front of the public. Don’t stand with a curved back and slouched shoulders as it gives a bad impression to the audience.

IV. While presenting your topic to the audience, use examples from daily life so that the audience can easily relate with you.

V. Remember that the start of your topic is extremely crucial. So always try to start speaking about your topic with a quote or an old saying as it bounds the audience to your topic.

Everybody can be a potential public speaker, just have confidence in yourself as you are not the only one who fears to face a large audience. Follow the techniques written above to improve your speaking skills. Finally, prepare your topic properly and present it in such a manner that the audience can easily relate to it.