I walked in class and as usual, I went straight to the back. Yes, I’m part of what they call backbenchers. Before I go further let me clarify that we are not as naughty as the world sees us. Instead, we see things, that no one seating in front sees, and we understand.

Anyway back to the story, so I grab a chair to bring it to a more suitable position. I couldn’t help it but notice how dirty it was and my thoughts were no one has used it for a while. As simple as this situation is, it opened my eyes to a fact that is life-changing.

Empty spaces collect dust.

Think about;

A mug that the owners forget about.

A room that hasn’t been occupied for a year.

A vehicle that’s been in the parking lot for days.

The two common factors in the illustrations are emptiness and dust. Since none of the examples is engaged in any activity or has no proper destination, they collect dust.

According to my dictionary, dust is dirt in form of powder or a powder consisting of waste matters and other particles. In my own words, dust is a mixture of a variety of, mostly unwanted, things.

So let me get straight to the point, as the youth of today call it being real. So I will be real with you and say, “Most of us are accumulators of great amounts of dust”.

“Wangisani why would you say that? Are you trying to talk about showers? ”

Wait…let me explain before you explode on me.

All I’m trying to say is, “Do something!” Be engaged in a certain journey and focus on the destination. In simpler terms:

Have a purpose.

Purpose gives us satisfaction and identity. One well-known fact is everyone will “pass on” someday. I don’t know about you but I would like to go with at least an achievement or two.

If you have an identity you will not be bothered by what and how others are doing. You know what you want and you will only focus on that. You won’t just start this and before you finish it start another.

If you don’t have a drive for life, you will be covered in a collection of jealousy, heartbreaks, fear, slavery, low confidence, anxiety and all forms of waste.  You will collect dust!