Autumn is closing off and the gloomy days of winter seasons are about to start. You won’t have the sun shining brightly over your head and you’re scared of that cold gush of wind that freezes your bones. The grumpy expression on your face is evident. These grey days are most often responsible for the slow days we are frequently going to have around these months. They decrease productivity, bring down mental and physical energy, increases lethargy and decreased overall quality of life.

How to energize yourself on slow days

College students are very much familiar with these ‘slow days’ as they suddenly become less active and moody. Pulling the 9 AM lecture seems impossible and piling up assignments is not a priority anymore. Tucked between layers of sweaters and scarves they just drag themselves through the day. So, is there any escape? Yes, this Monday we are hacking into this with our ‘energizing’ guide. Let’s start.

This may sound counterproductive, so just keep an open mind here. When you are low on energy, you’re probably not having the motivation required to get anything done as well. And it is very often found that thinking about weekend plans gives a jolt of fuzziness. It drives you to get ahead of whatever is between you and that Friday night dinner with your friends. You’ll be surprised to see how much harder you will work when you know there’s a reward is getting closer and closer.

Instead of staring at the ‘satisfying videos’ in your Instagram explore, watch something that is exciting and engaging. That cute GIF of yawning cat will only pull you back. Watch the adventures of skydiving in Dubai, riding through The Andes, backpacking through Amazon or live concerts which will boost your adrenaline levels and motivate you to do something exciting too.

How to energize yourself on slow days

Maybe you really are confused on where to start on your overflowing to-do list. If that’s the case, get up and exercise. Slow days often make us literally slow and in that case, some physical activity can help. You will feel good and less grumpy as you’ll be producing a lot more endorphins than sitting in the same place for 2 hours straight.

If you do not feel like doing any sort of work, it is probably because your surrounding is not work-friendly. Clean your mess up and organize your belongings. That untidy looking room may seem comfy and homelike but it will only make you gloomier.

Lastly, make a list of all the things you want to do/become by the next summer. Think of what you can do now to make some of those things possible until that time. You’ll realize how much time you have and become more conscious of your slow days.

Grey days or slow days whatever we may call them are not always brought on by nature. Our thought processes often create them. Just a flicker of motivation is required and blink! We’re out of that tornado.