Hostel life is a journey of transformation, from boy to man! It’s your first encounter with the practical world and its people. The exposure, one gets while staying at hostels, helps the latter to face the realities of daily life. Day to day lessons learned at hostels, can’t be taught in schools or at home. Hostel life creates abysmal memories. For everlasting happy stories of the hostel, one may follow the below tips:

Preparing the mindset 

Leaving home and parents might be tough for many freshers as homesickness haunts you like anything, but one must not forget that at the end, it’s YOU, who needs to face the world and by staying in your parent’s shade, you never learn it. A bird stays hungry unless it decides to take a flight and leave the nest. Prepare your mind to accept that the hostel life would give you umpteen opportunities to shape up your personality.


They define your hostel life. They are going to be your caretakers and you too must reciprocate the care. It’s never a one-way service at hostels. One must set a good understanding with their roommates and daily communication with them is a must. You may not like your roommate or might have a fight, but the void must be cleared the next day, cause negative vibes do affect your hostel life. Try to accept your roommates as they are, cause every person doesn’t come from the same environment as of yours. “Cooperation ” is the “mantra” to happy hostel life. Manage your daily routine time shifts with the roommates. In case of any serious trouble contact your warden.

Self Precautions 

Irrespective of the fact that you are under surveillance cameras and your belongings are safe in your room locker, you must stay attentive. People tend to do a careless mistake of leaving all responsibility on CCTV. Security cameras are for your safety, not for your goodies! Always lock the doors before leaving for classes.

 Hostel mess 

No one can replace mumma’s magic, but hostel foods are no less. Especially at LPU campus, where the mess food has both the quality as well as proper quantity. One must not skip their mess and stay hungry for long, as it’s your duty to nourish your body. Mothers won’t remind you forever! Or they may! Mothers are the epitome of selfless love!

Daily Communication 

Communicate with your roommates, hostel mates, and warden at regular intervals,  it would make your hostel life much easier and relaxing. Communication barricades the thoughts of homesickness. Whenever in trouble, communicate and never hesitate!

Hostel life can either make you or break you. It’s up to you to stand firm and face the reality or surrender to minimal issues! Happy Hostel Life!