It is no secret that LPU is deep-rooted in its Social Media game, and when I say deep-rooted it means that it is amongst the top tier. With over 1.4 million people on Facebook and 85K+ people on Instagram, LPU is not only redefining the norms but also setting up new chapters for the upcoming age to learn from.

Though there are a lot of things that could be talked about, I have summed it up in 5 points:

  • Consistency

If you would observe the trend of our social media, then this one thing is what you will observe first. We like to keep our social media accounts active and the best way to do that is to post quality content regularly. If you would ask me the value of this, I must say that consistency is the factor that makes great social media accounts popular. The more you share, the more you are likely to get the clout for engagement.

  • Updated

Now that the fact of uploading consistently is discussed, the next big thing in the equation is being updated. The more you are aware of the social media trends and norms, the more you can make trendy content at par with the competition of social media. This in return boosts the ranking of a page/account to even you explore pages.

  • Trendy

Being trendy is complimentary to being updated. Once you are updated with the current trends, you can formulate your strain of trend which is suitable for your audience. The LPU page can be seen with this strategy a lot many times. They post pictures of the beautiful campus clicked by the students, they conduct interactive QnA sessions, which are not only informative but also a part of the trend.

  • Experimental

This is a point that most people fear to acknowledge and the reason for that is well understood. Being experimental can be quite a gamble and maybe a total failure sometimes. But pulling out a successful experiment is not only an art but also a great boost for your page as it may give you some fresh subjects to work with. You can once in a while go completely off topic and post something that you feel necessary. The LPU page is successful and one thing that they nailed is being experimental. They never feared to sometimes ditch the formal norms to create a better connection with the students.

  • LPU itself

Well, this is not something that everyone has the luxury to afford but the fact that you have a spawling 600-acre modern campus sometimes helps. You have a lot of things to start with and a great audience as a bonus. If you are thinking about how this may help you let me tell you, the one thing you can afford for sure is to upgrade the subjects on which you post. You can evolve the quality for a better one and the next thing you remember is bliss.