Since most of us are students and live either in hostel or PG, we come across different kinds of people. Some of whom we share our room with. Some of them drive us insane while others make us feel the most blessed person on the planet.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of roomies we encounter.

  1. The Borrower – This roomie somehow has found a perfect match in your belongings. Everyday, something or the other would be borrowed from you telling this goes with my dress, can I have it for the day? It feels like even if the world collapses she/he will die borrowing from you one last piece of dress or accessory.
  2. The Mess Maker – Well, you know the person whose dress or things start from the door to the other end of the room. Doesn’t matter if it’s your space of the room or not, his/her things are sure to find their way on your table or chair, sometimes even underneath your bed.
  3. The Silent Resident – This person is so happy in his/her own comfort zone that they won’t speak to the other people in the room unless spoken to with the mention of the name. They could go days without having a good conversation with you whereas you might feel as if you are the only person staying in the room.
  4. The Clean Prick – If you ever had a sibling with who you would always be compared with in terms of setting your bed, keeping things in place, wardrobe being maintained. Then you know what kind of person I am talking about. Your roomie is a person who likes his/her things so organized that you will always see their things set in their place. Sometimes you might feel that you won’t find a strand of their hair out of place whereas puny you would have noting sorted including life itself.
  5. The Night Owl – For normal people night is meant to sleep but for those roomies, night means the dawn of the day. They would work whole night and sleep the day away. Sometimes this gets to you if you are not a night owl yourself as lights or sounds irritate you.
  6. The Fashionista – While you are up for an hour trying to mix match things and wear something presentable, there come the roomies who wake up half an hour ago and bathe in 15 minutes and get dressed in next 10 min like a fashion Icon and are off to class like they own the world. And you are left wondering like just how is that possible and what crime have you committed in life for god to not grant you such a super power.

There are many more, the list keeps adding on and on. But they are always there for us when we are doing downhill to help us (Well most are if your roomie is not a meanie)

Let us know what kind of roomies you live with.