Mr. Nishad Kumar, maven para-athlete, Olympian, Gold medalist in the World Para Athletics Grand Prix 2021, proud Verto fabled for his legendary 2.06m high-jump (the highest in Asia), at the 12th Fazza International Championships, blessed Vertos and came up front to the entire Lovely Professional University family with his compelling presence on the 31st of July, 2021 on Lovely Professional University’s official Instagram handle through a live interaction session hosted by Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal.

Enthralled by his presence and the bond of oneness formed between Dr. Sorabh & Olympian Mr. Nishad from being a part of the legendary Lovely Professional University family, the session began, with Olympian Mr. Nishad unraveling his reaction when he got to know, he was among the few selected for Tokyo Olympics 2020. He narrated that it’s everybody’s chimera to represent their country on an international platform like the Olympics, similar was his tale! He told the audience as a kid; he always had the fantasy of sporting his country’s jersey in a leading international sports event like the Olympics, which has now turned into a dream come true. 

Inspiriting live interaction session with Olympian Mr. Nishad Kumar

Olympian Mr. Nishad unraveled his training schedule, how he trained relentlessly for years, training six hours a day, three in the morning and three in the evening. Even with a contortion in his right hand, he never let that come in between his training and his aspirations. He told how in 2009, his PE instructor stirred him up to participate in High Jump, which later on became his passion, and he went to Panchkula, Haryana, to train more intensely with his early instructor Mr. Naseem.

Later in 2019, he took admission into Lovely Professional University, where he was guided and trained by professional coaches, which leads us to where he stands now. He reveres Lovely Professional University for supporting him with his education and finances during the pandemic, along with his intense training in the National Camp, Bengaluru.

As the session progressed, Olympian Mr. Nishad assured that this year’s Indian Olympic contingent earmarks at least 10-12 medals in Para Olympics in the Athletics category. Mr. Nishad himself ascertained that he will perform his best, and he intends to earmark a medal for his country.

His message to students training at Lovely Professional University is, “Nothing in this world exists that’s impossible! He belonged to a small village, and there was once a time when he had dreams too. All you got to do is work hard, and everything will sort out on this own.” Lovely Professional University congratulates Nishad Kumar and wishes him luck in his future endeavors!