We all have a wish to make our parents proud someday. We all have that wish to live life king-size, one day. But what we forget in the hustle of being successful is that success is not making bridges of dreams neither it’s a one-day thing! It is the amalgamation of constant hard work, determination, discipline, and a positive approach in the right direction, starting right from your college life until you achieve the desired goals.

And you guys know, what’s the luckiest part of your life? No? It’s that you are a part of the Lovely Professional University. Because usually, we see children making excuses that their university system doesn’t support them to explore their passion, they can’t manage time to live for their dreams, or they aren’t getting the right guidance and direction from the university side. But, as you all are well aware that, LPU is the only university that not only focuses on the academic aspects of its children also provides them with a galaxy of opportunities to explore themselves and realize their real worth. LPU has always worked for the holistic growth and development of the students, and today when we see around, we find the LPU Alumni doing wonders in every sector, may it be the top MNCs, Research fields, Public Sector Jobs, Banks, or the Forces.

Now let’s feature some of the proud Vertos of LPU, who, now doing great in their life, have made their parents and their Alma mater proud. These alumni have faced and stood steady against all hurdles of life with their zeal to achieve and fulfil their dreams, and today they shine in the outer world.

  • Sagar Setia

Sagar Setia, a proud LPU alumnus, cleared UPSC (IAS) examination and ranked 66th all over India. Sagar Setia is from Ludhiana and got included in the top 66 candidates out of 500 general category successful candidates. Sagar, the son of a Vastu consultant and a retired private school teacher, cleared one of the most challenging exams with continuous efforts. Sagar said that LPU faculties helped him a lot in his preparation for the UPSC. He also shared his mantra of success, that don’t be afraid of hard work, and never give up in life, accept challenges with a smile, and success will be yours!

  • Rohtash Beniwal

Rohtash Beniwal, 2018 alumni, is a mechanical engineering pass out. He always dreamt of being an IITian, and today he did it. Being in LPU, Rohtash was an 8.83 CGPA holder, and after his graduation, he cleared GATE and got admitted to IIT Bombay to pursue and complete his master’s in Thermal Engineering.

  • Abhishek Bachchan 

Abhishek, a CSE alumnus of LPU, has cleared the Common Admission Test (CAT) with 99.68 percentile. Along with this, he has also passed the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) exam with a 99.84 percentile.  

  • Prabhakar Sinha

Prabhakar Sinha, 2014 Civil Engineering pass out from LPU, cleared Indian Engineering Service (IES) with AIR-10. Also, he marked his territory in GATE with AIR-16. Prabhakar is an Ex-ONGC employee, and currently, he is working in Indian Railways as Class-I Officer. 

  • Mah Jil 

 Mah Jil, a proud Verto and GATE aspirant from the days of graduation, cleared the GATE examination and got admitted into IIT Kanpur for his master’s studies. 

  • Mukesh Adlak

Mukesh cleared GATE and admitted into IIT Kanpur. He was an ME student from LPU with a dream of pursuing his higher studies from an IIT. 

  • Rashmi Kumari

Rashmi Kumari, an alumnus of LPU, made her way all through the hurdles of life and is now is a student of IIT Guwahati.

  • Arpit Shukla

Arpit Shukla, a Civil Engineering graduate of LPU, has achieved a spectacular academic feat by passing out with flying colors from LPU and now pursuing higher education from one of the top colleges in India, IIT Guwahati. 

  • Yugendra Chaudhary

CSE graduate, Yugendra has cleared the Common Admission Test (CAT) exam and made it to the IIM Raipur. 

  • Srikanth S

Srikanth S, another LPU alumni, has achieved excellence in politics and is now a Ward Planning and Regulation Secretary in the AP government.

The achievements and mark of success achieved by the LPU Alumni are so long that the list can go on to an infinite level, and it’s hard to cover all in a single article. Thus, with this article, on Alumni Achievers of LPU, I wish all the current students the best of luck for their future endeavors. I hope this article will be able to motivate them and their zeal to achieve their dreams in life. 

Rightly said, Two-thirds of the world is covered by water, the rest by LPU alumni. And, LPU is proud to be the Alma Mater of its proud Vertos shining across the globe.