Starting today, Lovely Professional University is hosting the 65th annual National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA) Convention till June 12th, 2023. This convention is set to bring together over 4,000 architectural students from India and around the world.

NASA, a renowned architectural student body organization, boasts a staggering participation of over 65,000 students from 300+ colleges across various countries.

Dr. (Ar.) Atul Kumar Singla, Chief Architect & Head of the School of Architecture & Design at LPU, highlights the convention’s aim to engage students through both online and offline platforms, offering them direct and indirect opportunities.

Nearly 20 distinguished speakers, originators in their respective fields, from across the country and the globe are to cover varied architectural concepts for inspiring and guiding a new generation of architects. Keynote speakers of iconic and sustainable projects include President, COA, Prof (Ar) Abhay Vinayak Purohit, Dr Rosa Cervera from Spain, Dr BU Abdullah from Dubai, Ramon Prat from Italy, Slawomir Ledown, Eugene N Pandala, Ar Miki Desai and more. They will share their invaluable insights, cutting-edge ideas, and transformative experiences, through thought-provoking talks.

During massive deliberations, various cultural activities including fashion show, fusion of bands, folk dances, mega night ‘Darshan Raval’ and more will be there as interludes.

The NASA Convention has become an integral part of architecture colleges in India and SAARC nations. It serves as an annual gathering for architectural students to learn from one another and gain insights from industry stalwarts.