The fashion design students and faculty-members at the School of Fashion Design and Technology of Lovely Professional University have lately got 21 innovative ‘Patents’ published in a single month. LPU students of M Design, MSc, B Design and BSc Fashion Design programmes researched exclusively along with their mentors at the school and created societal needed designs in diverse aspects.

One of these patents is for a ‘diaper’ with removable padding and nano coating of vitamin E to prevent skin rashes & allergies, which also decays fast on disposing. A pregnancy dress is stretchable to fit as per the belly size, and it uniquely monitors the wearer through a plurality of sensors, which can be used for sending alarming changes to the relatives/ doctors, in case of emergency, through mobile application. Chargeable with a plugin device or battery, a multipurpose travel bag has timely medicine reminders with a mobile application. With a display unit about the name and address of the traveller, it also has an oxy-meter for checking oxygen level while travelling at high altitudes or for other needs, as in prevalent pandemic. Similarly, a multifunctional scarf with sensors monitors temperature and pressure while wearing, and it can be worn around, neck, head, chest, or around other parts of the body as per the requirement of the user.

LPU’s School of Fashion Design got 21 Unique Patents published in a Solo Month

Congratulating the innovative students and faculty members of the fashion school, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal further encouraged them to carry on with their novelties understanding the needs of the common people. Mr Mittal also suggested, “The fashion, out of a novel thinking for a purpose, that fulfils our basic needs, proves to be a long lasting creation, indeed. In this regard, stitched jeans pants are such an example which is being utilized to the maximum since its inception many years ago for common workers only. Presently, it is one of the world’s most famous garments.”

The Head of the School, Prof Bhaskar Mitra informs that the published patents also include a novel hair pin for brain relaxation; water based anti-fog spray; anti-fungal nail polish; bandage made from castor; adjustable corset for breastfeeding; brassiere for heart monitoring; herbal multi-layer face mask; colouring fabric using a vine-‘cissus javana’; waterproof sheet for protection; detachable eating dispenser; container with plurality of compartments; detachable device for shoes to maintain social distance; ready to eat recipe for high cholesterol patient; natural dye out of lemongrass; bed cover for detection of sleep pattern; travel pillow with voice recording, particularly for students; and, hand-held device for detection of nano-particles in PPE kit using AI.

In fact, the School of Fashion Design at LPU has been functioning keeping the students’ aspirations and industrial requirements in mind. The infrastructure, curriculum, pedagogy and faculty work in synchronization to fulfil the motto and goal of the innovative creation at the school. It has prestigious collaborations with top fashion schools of the world, particularly in the US, UK, Italy, France, Australia and more. The curriculum development, here, involves multiple stages of refinement, and one of the most important steps is the regular adoption of industry feedback.