We know, it’s summer and the last thing you probably want to do is read a book. The heat is getting up and jamming into beach parties or sleeping in with an ice cream tub and cola are things that actually matter to you rather than ruffled up pages of complicated words threaded into hard to understand sentences. But here’s what is different – it’s about reading something that you’ve wanted for long! Pick up your scrunched up reading-list and just make the most of your holidays while catching up on the left behind editions. Here are more reasons to why you should be reading books this summer:

It keeps your mind constantly engaged and wandering

Oscar Wilde has once said a very famous quote, “It’s what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” So when it comes to spending lazy afternoons, what’s the best one can do in those leisure moments than ecstatic pages of a romantic novel or an action chick-flick? There are many genres to choose from, theories and categories to explore that even an entire semester of courses can often bar you from. Pick one wisely or at random and spark the creative fire within.

It enhances vocabulary and knowledge

It has been proved by many that reading during the summers makes one’s mind sharp. The important time when most are out surfing, those who engage themselves in a quiet book café with a cold coffee are more likely to get their cognitive process running. Unmasking symbols and characters in a book are the best way to keep in shape, mentally!

Makes you a better writer

Summer Reading Makes It a Vacation for Your Soul

One of my professors who taught me creative writing in the previous semester said to me that the if one wants to be a better writer, first they have to be a better reader. Both go hand in hand and whether it’s reading your favorite author whose style you want to imitate or make one by yourself, reading is the first step towards these goals.

A vacation within a vacation

Summer Reading Makes It a Vacation for Your Soul

Paying for pricey vacations at beach motels or exotic restaurants may sound tempting but are a lot less appealing than enjoying holidays in the comfort of your bed. A novel set in an exotic location can take you to experience wanderlust at its best and in your own sofa. Personally, I’d suggest Eat, Pray, Love and Under the Tuscan Sun as two must-reads for this particular experience.

Get to know yourself better with reflected readings

Summer Reading Makes It a Vacation for Your Soul

As we read a book, we analyze its characters, understand the message, vibe the theme and relate it with incidents from our own lives. It’s one of the unconsciousness processes that brings you in touch with your inner thoughts. It sometimes changes your perspective of an entire episode in your life or just makes you think endlessly about something that you never cared about. Simply, it brings you closer to yourself.