LPU CSE 2nd year student Rahul Kumar has made a learning app for the students of Computer Science Engineering named edbook. You can find this app on Google play store. It app is a kind of book which contains all the study materials and information present in the course. This app will be very helpful for the students of Computer Science background as this app have all the study materials required for the CSE students. It contains subjects like Python, Mathematics, Software Engineering, My SQL, C++, Database systems, Communication Skills and many more.

This app is really very useful for the students especially for those students who left their books in their hostels and are unable to buy any new book and are facing a lot of difficulties in studying during this pandemic due to the absence of transportation and lockdown. You can imagine that this, not any ordinary app but an app with a full package of your course books and that is also free of cost and you only have to do one thing is download this application in your device from where you can easily study your subject and be ready for your upcoming exams or interviews.

learning app

Why you should download this app

You should download this awesome and informative app because this app contains everything that you really need for your studies and preparation for your upcoming exams and competitions. With all the important subjects of Computer Science, it also has chapters of Communication Skills and you all know the importance of good communication skills in today’s world. It will not only help you to gain marks in your subjects but also help you to win the interviews with your brilliant communication skills.

This app is just like a perfect book which you can study anytime anywhere. The biggest advantage you could get from this app is that it will definitely save you lot of space that the normal large sized books always take and obviously, when you are getting your all subject in one place and that is also in your phone which you can easily carry and study anywhere at any time, isn’t that beneficial.

I suggest you all download this app and please give your reviews. Your reviews will definitely encourage the talented created and the brilliant LPU student Rahul to reach more milestones in his life and make creative things like this.