As we all know that during this pandemic, days being packed at home are getting harder to survive. So, our government has taken a fair decision for the students of various states to declare results of Intermediate (12th) students based on the marks they had scored in their Matriculation (10th). Two LPU Vertos helped many students to calculate their marks by creating and deploying a wonderful Web Application for the students of Odisha.

It was quite hard for the Intermediate students to predict the results based on their previously scored marks. So, two MCA Final Year students Aditya Kumar Panda and Vishwaratna created a web application for the students to help them calculate the approx marks they’ll get in 12th. It helped thousands of students to predict their results just by giving their 10th marks as the input.

The website reached 17K+ visitors and 9K+ users in 24 hours & 55K+ visitors and 31K+ users in 48 hours. Currently, the website has more than 1 Lakh Visitors and 65K+ Users.

The wonderful web application comes up with an easy User Interface/User Experience as well as quick contact support. The website comes with the download option to download the predicted result in pdf format which helps users to check the same result without having to input the same details.

Here is the link: h ttps://