Human society is a very fragile construct of the whole of humankind. The whole system is a fantastic example of what humanity can achieve once they have the will. Everyone is given a right to speak and put up their ideas in society, making it an efficient system for development. Yet sometimes, there are times this system fails to contribute to the growth of the pictures. These much necessary ideas become underrated and are neglected by society.

AIESEC in Jalandhar, under the aegis of the Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University took the responsibility to bring up these ideas in the form of Unwind Pre-Event. Unwind: Leadership Conclave 2021 is a premiere event by AIESEC in Jalandhar. People of all ages are invited to glimpse leadership and cherish the feeling of togetherness with 125+ countries.

To boost awareness, AIESEC in Jalandhar prepared a free pre-event on 24th October 2021 to give something significant to society. In this pre-event, topics like Gender Inclusivity and Sustainable Living were discussed by excellent speakers and pioneers. It was an event that cleared many doubts and kindled a fire in the participants to change society.

Unwind Gender Inclusivity and Sustainable Living with AIESEC in Jalandhar

The first session on Gender Inclusivity was taken by Mr. Bikramjit Kohli, the Senior Learning Delivery Team Lead at Uber. Mr. Abhijit cleared many doubts and stereotypes that people have regarding gender inclusivity and the LGBTQ+ community. He gave a really insightful session on gender studies. He provided the participants with the idea that every person should be treated with basic human decency. The session was ultimately fulfilling and provided a new avenue of thinking to the young minds. 

Unwind Gender Inclusivity and Sustainable Living with AIESEC in Jalandhar

The next speaker was Ms. Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder & CEO of Brown Living – India’s 1st Plastic-Free & Sustainable Marketplace. She took the session on the topic of Sustainable Living. She taught about how we, as the youth, can make this world a better place for ourselves and future generations. The sustainable living was an exhilarating session where every attendee was awestruck by the extent of the benefit we can have through sustainable living. Sustainable living is a choice that we all can make to build a future for our upcoming generations. It does not take much to become sustainable, yet it is not a lot of us do. You just try to use minimal non-renewable resources and give up on unsustainable means. 

The session ended with a vow by the host to take action on the things that were learned in the session. Each participant aligned their goals towards a sustainable and gender-inclusive future.