It often happens that emotional stress, feelings, society pressure, workload make you feel so depressed, completely broken and helpless that you turn onto the road to burnout. And that’s the time when the real problems start. You start liking your solitude, disturbance of any kind makes you exasperated, you start having some sleepless nights, and moreover, the workload has already created so much pressure on your mind that failure to achieve results, directly contributes to your demotivation.

What Is Burnout?

Burnout may literally be defined in many ways, but the one we are goanna discuss is the physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. Now it’s not always necessary that burnout is caused due to overwork; even ridiculous demands, office bullying, perfectionism, and immense pressure from parents, peers, employers, all contribute to a vicious cycle of inner turmoil and the fate is burnout. Apart from these, the desires a human possesses never allow him to be satisfied with what he/she is doing and that makes them push themselves much harder to achieve things that won’t give them happiness but yeah definitely would be contributing to anxiety, depression, and their deteriorating health. And in some extreme cases, this becomes the reason for suicide.


Prevention Of Burnout: A Challenge?

These days burnout has become a major & the most prevalent problem not only in adults but also in teenagers. And thus, it becomes important to check the feasibility of the tips to prevent burnout at the workplace, at the house, and in various other sectors. Or should it be taken as a challenge? As it is always said that prevention is better than cure” so what I believe is that it’s better to follow some day to day practices and have peace of mind, soul & body. Now some of the ways that can be employed to prevent burnout are:

  • Plan your day

Planning things makes you more organized, sorted and helps you to have a clear mindset of what needs to be done and what can be delayed/postponed a bit.

  • Meditate

Though meditation may sound boring, traditional, it has been proven scientifically that nothing is best than meditating in morning hours to calm your edgy mind.

  • Proper sleep

A sound sleep is essential for your body to have a stable mind & to have 100% efficiency in work. Even doctors suggest that a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is required by the human body to be functional without any illness.

  • Learn to communicate

As it’s said, “communication is the solvent of all problems and is the foundation for personal development”. Thus, whenever in a problem or in stress speak out, not to everyone but to someone whom you trust. We don’t say that would resolve the problem but yes it would soothe your soul and restless mind.

  • Take a break

After an exhaustive workout or after sitting for hours at work, you should take a break if not of an hour, at least for 15 minutes, in which you can do things that you like, listen to music, etc. This changes your surroundings, refreshes your mood and charges you again for the work.

  • Quit if not satisfied

Money is not everything, because you might buy things of comfort with money, but you can’t buy comfort. So, working just for the sake of money won’t give you internal satisfaction and then that would again lead to burnout. So, do what you like to do, and then you see that you will never find your job as a task to do but it will become the hobby that you will start to enjoy.


Lastly, burnout is not a disorder; it’s a self-chosen problem that can be tackled if people follow these simple steps. Learn to be happy in what you have because if something has to be yours it will be yours if not today, definitely tomorrow, but exhausting yourself won’t yield anything.