Namaste!! Oh! You all are modern kids, so a cheerful “Hello” from my side. I’m your very own Bhagavad Gita. This year I’m celebrating my birthday on December 25th (Merry Christmas!!). No, it’s not a party invitation; I’m going to give you some precious things today. Actually, my birth date varies year by year as I, unfortunately, don’t follow the Gregorian calendar. Also, I can’t even say that I’m turning 18 or 56 or 118 this year. As I’m so old I don’t remember my real age. But, yes, I’m still here, and believe me I don’t look like a grey-haired granny. I’m a book (or probably more than that) and if you don’t like books, I really don’t want to waste your very valuable time.

If you hold me in your hand and just turn my pages catching a glimpse of them, then you’ll perceive that I’m not a scrap at all. Recently, Oxford University embraced me as part of their curriculum. And the Seton Hall University, along with Harvard, has a lot of words in my praise. A version of me is also taught in various IITs and IIMs. Fortunately, I’ve also found a place in classes of top-end international institutes as well. Many great personalities have been admiring me from time to time, including Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Swami Vivekananda, Aldous Huxley, Sri Aurobindo, Lord Warren Hastings, Sunita Williams, Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner, Narendra D. Modi and the list just continues till infinity.

Good question! Why am I saying all these things? At the beginning of this article, I promised to provide you with some precious things. No gold, no diamond, no platinum; but the secrets to real happiness, immense pleasure and tremendous success. You can attain it all; just have a look at me. I’ll cover each and every topic which holds a crucial position in your life. Be it the law of Karma, the undertakings of the eternal nature, the culmination of living entities, the science of matter and energy, the yoga and meditational philosophies, or the beginning and end of this cosmos –I’ve got you all covered! Okay, I know you’re probably a student and are busy probing a way to cope with your chaotic studies, so I promise to help you with that too.

My lots of versions are available throughout the world in almost every language today but all of them have the same 18 chapters and the 700 verses remain unchanged. If you’d like to read, the most popular translation is by Srila Prabhupada, an Indian-international monk and saint, which has been glorified by many critics. A fact is that nobody wrote me as a book –yeah, I was compiled or framed by a saint, Veda Vyasa, a long time ago; but that is not the day I was born. I, primordially, originated from the mouth of my reciter, Sri Krishna, the Hindu God. Before you raise any question on me for not being “secular”, let me clarify that I don’t belong to any religion. When I took birth, even the term ‘religion’ couldn’t find existence.

I have seen you and your society being transformed. A lot of things have happened just recently too. Literally, every one of you searches for inner peace and a good dose of happiness after spending a busy day at work or school, but most of you fail at doing so. Buy me once (or download me from the internet) and leave everything to me. This is my real job. I’ll help you lead a happy, satisfying, and successful life. The way your ancestors kept hold of me was just appreciable, but your future generations may hardly remember my name. As I’m very self-collected, I practically don’t care about it. But, hey, believe me, that I’ll keep coming to you again and again throughout the span of your life until you read me. And after you read me once, I’ll get you addicted! I’m not boasting about my prowess here –just appealing to you to give me a chance. I promise I will never let you down!