The School of Education & Humanities at Lovely Professional University (LPU) organised an International Conference on “Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity: Issues and Challenges”. Keynote addresses were made by Honorary Director ICSSR North-Western Regional Centre (NWRC) Prof. Sanjay Kaushik and Former Indian High Commissioner to Canada Vishnu Prakash.

The elite speakers stressed on the very challenges that the world is currently facing, and suggested how India can play a significant role in eradicating gaps existing among different sections, societies and nations in order to create a better and inclusive society. They also commented how terrorism, sectarianism and violence against women are serious challenges in the present-day world. In this regard, they emphasised that no society can be equal and inclusive unless women too have the share in the national and global affairs.

LPU’s School of Education conducted International Conference

The conference debated on burning topics like the need for gender equality, addressing the ways to reduce inequalities prevalent in societies and the need of quality education to eliminate those which address ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ laid by the United Nations.

Prior to this, Executive Dean at LPU Dr Sanjay Modi had set the tone of the conference by highlighting the importance of diversity and gender equality by stressing that in every field of education equality and inclusivity should be ensured. Associate Dean, Dr Pavitar Parkash Singh and COS Dr Vijay Kumar Chechi shared that such debates and discussions are the need of the hour, as academic and intellectual interactions will bring better learning and advancement in global society.

The conference was a resounding success as it provided a platform to renowned intellectuals and students from across India and the globe to share their views and concerns about reducing and eradicating inequalities at local and global level. For this conference, 380 registrations were made by international delegates from Malawi, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Afghanistan and from all states & UTs of India.