Although nature has always been an inexplicable force of magnificence & annihilation, human intervention with the environment has made it much more mercurial. Adverse weather constraints and an ornery ecosystem is causing katzenjammers like habitat loss and water scarcities while also putting a substantial and absurd burden on the most vulnerable communities.

Today, on the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, we will not be allying to clean up shores or plant saplings, nor will we release mackerels into aquifers with community kindergartners. While the catastrophe has altered the essence of our festivities and compelled many of us to work from home, it has also exemplified our profound bond towards Mother Nature and the need to preserve this world, which we call home.

Earth Day 2021

Many of us have sought solace in a serene, untouched nature to get ourselves through these turbulent times. We have buckled up our boots, put on face masks, and gone for morning strolls in our local parks. The love of nature, accompanied by a commitment to help locally grown produce and ranches. Many newbies are becoming members of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and local traders & peasants are expanding access to organic, nutritious, local produce. 

Because of the ambition and dedication of many environmental stewards, public officials, and our people, we have forests and federal lands, as well as a vibrant network of farmers and ranchers that provided us with vital services throughout COVID-19.

We have a labyrinthine to decrypt to knock this pandemic off. But to resurrect the economy, public safety & health must be our primary concern.

Earth Day 2021

Still, even in these grueling times, we have our sights concentrated on the horizon. COVID-19 has put our safety and well-being in jeopardy, but global warming is a much graver, protracting concern for which there is no vaccine. This age has the best shot for hollowing our “climate curve” and minimizing unnecessary extraneous life & health impacts. The stance of state leadership is crucial in both perplexities, but individual decisions and a desire to propel in the same trajectory are also important.

While we commemorate the Earth Day 51st jamboree, concerns about our environment are more paramount than ever. This year, Lovely Professional University is zeroing on bringing together campus and community members for conferences, seminars, workshops, and more to discuss the current state of sustainability and how we can overcome the challenges of ensuring a brighter tomorrow for our planet.

Earth Day 2021

What has dawned profoundly on us in past decades is a new revelation that man governs, to a considerable degree, the very fate of this brave new world where we strive, as well as the destiny of all life on it. We have also started to see these fates are not so many and distinct, they are all inextricably linked.