Things to Do This Summer


Summer is the most awaited time of the year for everyone. Reasons? It is the longest vacation we get, and because of the long vacation students get to go home and get away from the monotony of life by doing interesting things. Some people plan to have endless movie nights, some just want to go into hibernation, some go on trips, and so on…

Well, my to-do list for this summer is entirely different and I sharing some of it here so you guys can also have a summer to remember.

1. Dive into a new book: Of course not the course books! People, get out of your comfort zones and pick a different genre this time because summer is the only time when you can explore yourselves. Make a resolution to complete the book, if you like it you can recommend it to a few friends and if you don’t, well, you can advise your friends not to read that book. Bingo!

2. Get into a perfect shape: If you aren’t a fitness freak, try joining a gym, or you know what, you don’t even need a gym. You can go out for a run in the morning but of course, it’s vacations and you don’t want to get up at five in the morning! Well, you might want to join a gym then and be regular, because, no questions, you’re paying for it!

3. Cook something: Summer, summer, the best time to try new things! Our generation, we don’t know anything about cooking, we eat in the mess, or may order a pizza at times, but I have a good news for all of you. One, it’s that time of the year and two, we have everything online, so you can start with the easiest recipe and end those self-cooking classes with the most difficult ones. Trust me, your parents will be so happy. No more being compared unfavorably with Sharma uncle’s son or daughter!!

4. Work: You can easily find a job in the summers and make it full time and earn some money. You can gift yourself a new gadget or maybe something you have been longing for.

5. Take summer classes: Eh, did someone mention summer classes? Well, this one is for those people who want to graduate earlier. You can probably take summer classes on campus or online from anywhere in the world. This will really help you in completing your college quicker, the benefits of which I’ve already discussed in my article

These are just a few suggestion to make your summer more interesting. You and your friends can come up with your own list. Start planning now for a great summer.