Must Have Words in Your Vocabulary

Must Have Words In Your Vocabulary

I was reading ‘Rise of Theodore Roosevelt’ and I came across this line, “With inexorable slowness, the train crawled down the Hudson Valley into thickening fog.”

The line stuck with me because of the word ‘Inexorable’ which means inevitable. I found the word beautiful! It read well, and rolled almost melodiously off the tongue.

That’s when I thought of writing an article on the words I find the most beautiful in the English language.Be warned before you proceed – beautiful words certainly don’t mean that their meanings are pleasant!

Here is a list of my favorite words:

1. Mellifluous: A sweet and smooth sound, pleasing to the ears.

2. Ineffable: Too great to be expressed in words.

3. Nefarious: Wicked.

4. Epoch: A particular time in someone’s life.

5. Sonorous: A resonating sound.

6. Serendipity: Occurrence of events luckily in a beneficial way.

7. Limerence: The state of being infatuated with another person.

8. Bombinate: Making a buzzing sound.

9. Ethereal: Not for this world, extremely delicate.

10. Petrichor: The pleasant earthy smell after rain.

11. Iridescent: Forming an illusion of rainbow like colors.

12. Supine: Lying face upwards

13. Luminescence: Something which is radiant.

14. Aurora: Dawn! (Such a beauty in this word.)

15. Syzygy: The alignment of celestial bodies.

16. Oblivion: A state of unawareness of your surroundings.

17. Denouement: Finale, or sometimes epilogue.

18. Eloquence: The art of using language fluently.

19. Cromulent: Sounding legitimate but actually being bogus.

20.  Phosphenes: The multicolored patterns produced by rubbing your eyes.

Well, I’m sure many people love the ‘petrichor’ or find it pleasant to watch the ‘aurora’, like I do!





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