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Benefits of Being Multilingual

Benefits of Being Multilingual

In a fast-paced world such as ours, one must do all that is possible to keep growing and to keep learning. You must be...
Spanish - Easiest Languages to Learn

Top 5 Easiest Languages to Learn

Now with the pressure to at least know 3 languages both libel and slander, everyone wants to pick up the easiest language of all....
LPU will now offer learning the ‘Chinese language’ to its students

LPU Will Now Offer Learning the ‘Chinese Language’ to Its Students

Division of International Affairs and Department of Foreign Languages at LPU have taken the initiative to offer ‘Chinese language’ to its students as an...
Should you learn French

Should You Learn French?

Like most high school kids, I grew up with this craze to visit France. Although I never got a chance, I decided to settle...