Most of the people love to read poetries. They got the feel behind the lines by reading poetry, 2-line scribbles, and shayris.

So, the question arises “How to start writing Shayari or poetry on your own?” This question is generally common among teenage amateur writers like us. Here I am going to tell you about some style and techniques for writing poetries.

PS: Every writer has his/her own style/technique.

Here it is:

  • Clear thought

A writer must have a clear thought (goals) about which he or she is writing.

  • Relate

Relate the words which can describe your situation.

  • Imagination

One has to imagine the situation/scene about which you are writing.

  • Rhyme

Although it doesn’t matter a lot, yes, it provides beauty to the writeup.

  • Vocabulary

Rich vocabulary will provide more options in selecting the word.

  • Selection of words

Selection of Powerful words is commendable.

  • Talent and skills

It’s going to be the most important point, it is one’s talent and skill how to think, relate and use adequate words to make the content/shayri beautiful and meaningful which can touch the heart.

  • Inspire/Collab

Collaboration (Working with someone to produce something). Editing existing writeup’s to make it more worthy according to oneself. Just by playing with some words one can give the article a new feel and look. The content needs not to be copied, but inspiration can be taken.

  • Experience

Experience matters! One can write beautiful lines and shayris by his/her experience. For example, in most of the cases, heart-broken people write too much on romanticism. Similarly, a person who has done a  lot of struggle can easily write poetry on “struggle’’ by relating his activities with words.

Start Writing. Best Wishes.

About the author: 
Learner, Poet, Mech. Eng., Vinay Yadav aka Silent-pen.
"I observe, I feel; I experience, I write"