Goals. Have you ever googled what the term “goals” means? If you search, you would get it defined as ‘the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.‘ Now the question arises, that how most of the 10-year-olds, who dreamed to be a doctor or an engineer in the future, ends up changing their field after 10th? You may say that was ‘amateur personified’ OK. Fine with that one. But I have also seen 18-year-olds changing their dreams after their NEET/JEE results! Justifications: the paper was too tough. OK. Let us gulp that one too. But what about college students, 22-year-olds, shifting their goals to something different? What excuse could you make for it?

That’s a bitter reality. Our goals keep on changing as we grow old. Exemptions are given to ‘dreaming kids’ but not to 10th, 12th, and college students. Ever thought, why one shifts his/her dreams of becoming ‘something’ to becoming ‘anything’? Answer: we don’t pen down our GOALS! Here are some reasons why one should be writing down his/her ambitions, for actually getting the ‘desired result’.

Never distract from your track 

Writing down your goals on paper or even walls. Seriously. The crowd might call you lunatic, but the motive force is that ‘your goals should be in your sight.’ Like literally, if you regularly see your goals, there are 90% chances that you won’t be distracted from your tract to ‘desired results’.That remaining 10% is your determination. Your subconscious mind would always keep you on your track if it keeps seeing your penned-down goals daily. And the other factor i.e. determination solely depends on you. Thus, write your goals on paper/chart, and stick it at a place where you spend most of your time, say it bedroom wall, cupboard door or even washrooms! And rest is the magic of your subconscious mind.


Daily Motive Force

Once your goals are in black and white, and you are seeing them daily, you start getting daily motivations to work progressively towards your aim. For instance, two hostel roommates are having a free hour, sitting idle on the bed; now they have two options: use that hour destructively or constructively. The first roommate decides to stroll around the campus with other friends and asks the second roommate to come along as well. The latter agrees and gets up to take his wallet, but as soon as he does so, he finds himself facing a fragment of the sheet, stuck on his study table. Something strikes to him and he declares that he would be going to the library instead. Both roommates left the room and walked in different directions. That fragment was scribbled with the latter’s “future plans“! which he had written on his first day of college. That’s the magnetism of ‘GOALS’.


In this era of competition, everyone is aware of the fact that ‘tough goals demands tough tests‘. Once you have noted your goals, you must search each and every step to achieve those goals. The steps include the following:

  • Rummage every competitive exam you need to give to pursue your goals. Thorough knowledge of the exam patterns, syllabus and marking scheme is a must.
  • Fish out every top university, best to accomplish your aim. LPU is one such institute, which aims to fulfil your aim.
  • Start your preparations from the beginning itself, don’t wait for the deadline. Always remember ‘Tough goals demands tough tests’

If you are pre-trained before ‘THE DAY’ of exams, you would get an anti-pressure ambience and you won’t be the one giving excuses like, “Alas! Paper was tough.”

Helps in the future

Even writing down goals on a daily basis, helps you set up a positive habit of completing your goals in time. For instance, give yourself mini goals such as ‘assignments done‘ within one week or ‘body goals‘ within a month or two, and this habit of challenging yourself to get your work done before deadlines, would benefit you loads! The rigorous practice of writing up tasks, setting your own deadlines and finishing those mini-goals, is a quality you are building; which is going to be your real ‘strength’ in the practical world. And one never knows when one’s small efforts put on its mini-goals end up fruiting into an elephantine GOAL!